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When lymph nodes are removed, the fluids that are usually removed via the lymphatic system lose their path and they can accumulate causing lymphademia.
After a total radial lymphadenectomy fluid can build up in the genital area, and if not watched and taken care of genital oedema can occur. Compression stockings, tight fitting underwear and lymphatic massage are some thing that can help prevent or alleviate symptoms.

Although lymphademia does not cause pain in itself, the heaviness, feeling uncomfortable and swelling can possibly cause infection and secondary complications that cannot be left untreated.

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Lymphatic massage when taught properly can help the flow of those fluids in your body and prevent lymphademia. The massage is a very light touch, not a deep one by any means, and easily can be taught. Here is a simple step by step to help describe Lymphatic Massage.

lymphatic massage

had a bit of genital oedema. Once seeing his
Physiotherapist and she recorded his
measurements and taught him the massage
technique, a notable difference was seen within
a week. She also “wrapped” him with foam chip
material promote some massage. It was held in
place with a scrotal support bought at the
drugstore seen below.

genital odema-2genital odema-3

genital odema-4

We found supportive underwear at Walmart that had a bit of spandex in them and were not overly
expensive and provided a nice bit of support/compression.
They helped a lot with keeping his TEDS up too while walking.

 Being vigilant can really help to stay on top of a situation that could possibly cause a lot of problems.  Massage, deep breathing, wrapping, TEDS/compression garments help.
By staying away from eating those foods that can aggravate the situation is also very beneficial.

Make sure you get an appointment with your physiotherapist.  It makes a world of difference.            


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