It is in the darkest times of our
lives we find how strong we can be,
to overcome that which is before us

Curtis’ Story   continued…
It was the afternoon after Curtis had gotten his staples out that he began to have what he called “gas” in his chest and pain in through his shoulder/arm. After taking his blood pressure, we decided to get him to Emergency to check things out.

Heart Attack
The pain came and went in waves while waiting to be seen in triage. Finally he was seen and an EKG was taken. It showed he was having a heart attack.

So they took him directly into the Emergency area and nurses tried to get a line in with much difficulty. Curtis then was given nitro. He then began to gag and as the nurses were putting him into a recovery position he took what seemed to be some kind of seizure, he stopped breathing, which they began to bag him.

Cardiac Arrest
He regained his breathing, then within seconds, he flat lined and had to be paddled once which brought him back into arrhythmia.
It was 11 minutes upon arrival to Emergency that Curtis went into Cardiac Arrest. Doctor said we were lucky we got him to the hospital when we did.

Curtis was then given the clot buster drug and admitted into ICU. Transferring him to ICU he did develop some pain but it disappeared with a shot of nitro.curtis after heart attack

One and a half weeks later he had a stress test and then sent to the QE2 for a heart catherization. Curtis was also checked by his doctor that performed his lymphadenectomy and was told his pathology had came back negative. YAY some hope!!! We were so excited!!

The heart cath revealed that the lower part of his heart was 90% blocked, and that there was some damage to his heart. They put in a stent through his wrist and was put on plavix for one year. He was sent back to Truro hospital and then later discharged that afternoon.

Once home Curtis followed the Doctors orders, following the weekly allowances of activity permitted after a heart attack. Week one, no stairs. Week two, one flight of stairs. Week three, two flights. Then with lifting it followed the same; no lifting, then only 5 pounds, then after a few weeks could help with some cooking etc etc.

In the midst of everything, on February 18th we filed for bankruptcy; with Curtis & myself off work, bills just were not getting paid.

While in hospital Curtis was also referred to the physiotherapist to help with genital edema and massage techniques which he found to be very beneficial. In the few weeks Curtis went to her,  a notable difference was seen in decreased measurements and swelling.

Turn of the Tide
It was in mid March we noticed a change on the perineum where a swelling started. In the last week of March it grew rapidly and pain was excruciating.

On Thursday April 1st Curtis seen his family Doctor and got antibiotics and instruction if he seen no change immediately to see urology in Halifax.

On Saturday we headed to Halifax’s QE2.

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