Perineal Urethrostomy , is a surgical procedure, where the urethra is diverted to the perineum, the area between the scrotum and anus.

When a radial penectomy is necessary and the bladder is intact, a perineal urethrostomy is the usual recourse to direct the urethra.
Urination for a man with a perineal urethrostomy would be in a
sitting position. If prostrate is still intact, ejaculation of semen would be through the urethra through the perineal urethrostomy.

Images of a perineal urethrostomy.



perineal urethrostomy opening
perenium now has a fold where urethrostomy
is placed
view with scrotum held up

In chatting with a
gentleman from the states, he told me that as part of the
penectomy & urethrostomy procedure in the US, they include a
scrotal elevation. A procedure where the elevate the scrotum so to
clear the area of the new urethral opening. Below are some
graphics I was given to help show what a “Scrotal Elevation” looks
like. The procedure sounds to be very beneficial and I would
suggest that anyone having to have a perineal urethrostomy should
discuss it with their surgeon.

scrotal elevation-1  scrotal elevation-2

picture of courage

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